Conference Bursaries

Since 2019 the SSNCI has offered two conference bursaries to help PhD students/independent scholars attend our Annual Conference to present their research. They are intended to pay for travel and accommodation expenses. Our bursaries were originally worth €150 each, however, in response to the rising cost of living, from 2023 these bursaries were increased to 3 in number, each to a value of €300.

There is no formal application for this bursary. If you would like to apply for one of the bursaries, and are presenting a paper at our next Annual Conference, please send an e-mail to setting out, very briefly, a budget which includes (a) what expenses you will incur in travelling to our Annual Conference to present your research, and (b) what support you have available from your University (if any) or other sources to pay for these expenses.

The deadline for submitting an application for a bursary for the 2024 conference is 31st March 2024. Applications were reviewed by a panel of SSNCI Committee members and applicants were informed of the outcome within the first week of April.

For further information please contact Dr. Richard Butler (Mary Immaculate College), President, SSNCI, or Dr. Jay Roszman (UCC), Treasurer, SSNCI.

Winners of our Conference Bursaries:






CIARA SMART (University of Tasmania): “Clashing Myths and Reality: Legacies of the ‘Colonising’ Irish in Australia and New Zealand”


ELIZABETH GARNER (University of Aberdeen): “The Irish Workhouse in the Mid-Nineteenth Century: Colonial Institution or Civic Amenity?”


EMMA MINCKS (University of New Mexico): “Medical Conflict of Interest and Classed Orality in Nineteenth-Century Ireland”


VERONICA JOHNSON (Independent): “Comedy Conflict: how the Irish fought in early American cinema”


None awarded as conference was staged online due to Covid restrictions.


Conference deferred owing to Covid restrictions.


MARIA BYRNE (Maynooth University): “A Community’s Dream for a Better Future in Nineteenth-Century Ireland: Military Band Music at the 1867 Drogheda Bazaar”


PATRICIA MCKEE (Independent/Trinity College Dublin): “Prophetic Dreams and Practical Realities, Exploring how the Future was Envisaged in Two Key Areas: Academical Lectures on Prophecy and the Founding of a New Public School for the Education of Boys.”